Let me address your Questions : )

How Can I Hire YOU?What Happens After I Hire YOU?
Get in touch with me by sending an email to services@chiratidzocharakupa.co.zw Feel free to call / leave a message on (+263)777625558 indicating that you have sent me an email just in case i'm a bit busy.

We can get to schedule a short meeting and chat. Note! I live in Zimbabwe which is (GMT+2). There's no Daylight Savings time here. Alternatively, you can just specify all your requirements in the email and I will immediately get to work.

How Long Do YOU take to Deliver?What If I Don't Like Your Work?
That depends on what i'm making for YOU. If it is a piece of writing then I generally produce about 1000 words per day. If it is an ebook then I take about 1 day per 10 pages (assuming you just want a cover design and content is already there). I can deliver quicker at a higher price : )

It would be such a great idea for you to give me just 1000 words at a time to see if you like my writing style and all. This will allow you to enjoy my services without feeling any remorse towards me. 


Which Payment Methods Do YOU Accept?Contract Terms and Conditions

International Payment Methods: PayPal, World Remit, Western Union, Mukuru

Local Payment Methods: Mukuru, Zipit, EcoCash, OneMoney

The terms and conditions will be agreed between us. These will depend greatly on the complexity of the job. Long-term contracts usually allow for greater flexibility so bear that in mind!