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My oh, my, where are my manners... I am Chiratidzo Charakupa and I’m a digital content creator.

I offer the following services:

Ebooks & Digital Presentations

  1. Ebook Cover Design Creation
  2. Digital Presentations - Ideal for sales presentations and investor pitching
  3. Ebook Content Formatting
  4. Ebook Content Creation


1000 – 5000 Word articles

Plagiarism free content

Spelling error free content

A wide range of topics: technology, cloud computing, online security, electronics, engineering, self-development, motivation, planning, organizing and leadership

Website Design

Google handles 3.8 million searches per minute according to SEOTribunal.com . If you do not have a website then guess what? Nobody is going to find you. Now take a moment and imagine how much business you are missing out on because you do not have a website. Let me fix that problem for you ASAP!

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